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We strive to furnish accurate estimates to all our clients.
Please Read the following statement.

Regarding the array of domestic and foreign brands of locks and keys on the market, old and new, plus costs of parts that may be necessary to accomplish the required tasks, pricing can only be as accurate as your description of the work you require.

Please have any information regarding brand of hardware available for the best and most accurate estimate. For re-key services please let us know if your keys are High Security.

Repair estimates may vary after arrival upon examination of work needed, however any additional costs will be disclosed and approval sought prior to any work performed.

You may call any time and speak directly with a licensed professional locksmith or email us for help with lock and/or problem identification. We are locally owned and operated.

Standard Rates apply Monday through Friday from 9AM to 4PM. Pricing is comprised of three components:

Trip Fee, Services Required & Parts. Contract/Bulk pricing is available.

Please call for for after hours, Weekend or Holiday pricing.

Service Charge. (Trip Fee for Mobile Service)

$65.00 - Monday-Friday: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

$85.00 - Monday-Friday: 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

$85.00 - Saturday-Sunday: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

$125.00 - Monday-Sunday: 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM

Unlock or Open business, office, home or automobile:

As a courtesy, if unlock is standard and complete within 10 minutes upon arrival you pay only the service charge. We do not unlock newer Mercedes or BMW's.

Unlock or Open Most High Security Locks:

Prices begin a $35 utilizing bypass methods, however with the amount of such locks on the market it is difficult to give an accurate estimate until we know your brand of lock for which you need services. Please read below or call us for questions regarding lock ID.

Re-key / Change Combination / First key

$12.00 - Residential key-in-knob & deadbolt

$15.00 - Commercial Rim cylinder, Mortise cylinder, & Lever with existing key

$17.50 and up - Master Keying to existing system

              For New Master Key Systems please schedule a site survey for a quote

$17.50 - CAM locks or office furniture

$30.00 - Euro-Profiles cylinder with existing key

$47.50 - High Security Rim, Mortise, or Standard type cylinder with existing key

$27.50 - Interchangeable Core cylinder with core key - BEST FALCON ARROW

$40.00 - Interchangeable Core cylinder without core key - BEST FALCON ARROW

$28.00 and up - Safe Deposit Box with key

$10.00 - Locker lock with key

$19.00 - Tubular lock with key

Safe Services based on $120.00 per hour.
Drilling and Repairing priced separately.

$ 60.00 - Change Combo with change key

$40.00 - Change Combo on Electronic Lock

$ 80.00 - Change Combo by hand change (Antique Locks)

$250.00 - Manipulate Locked Safe or To Open without drill or damage.

$125.00 - Drill to open Locked "Sentry" type Fire Safe

$225.00 - Drill to open Locked Manipulation Proof High Security Money Safe

$400.00 - Drill to open Locked Manipulation Proof High Security Vault Door

$300.00 to $400.00 - Drill to open GSA Container Any Dial Lock. X07. X08 & X09

$300.00 - Drill to open Floor Safe

$ 75.00 - Repair Door on Fire Safe

$100.00 - Repair Door on Money Safe

$100.00 - Repair Vault Door

$150.00 - Repair GSA Container

$ 80.00 - Repair Floor Safe

$150.00 - Move Safe per Hour

$ 50.00 and up - Anchor Safe

Unlock or Open standard lock cylinder / Lockout

$ 15.00 - Open Common (non-high security) Open Residential / Commercial locks

$ 15.00 - Open American/Asian Vehicles

$150.00 - Open European & High Security Vehicles

Install New Lock
(Specialty lock, thick door and material vary, prices may vary.)

$ 50.00 - Residential Deadbolt / Key-in knob/levers

$ 80.00 - Residential Handle set

$120.00 - Residential Mortise lock

$100.00 - Commercial High Security Strike

$120.00 - Commercial Adams Rite style lock

Key Duplication

$ 2.76 - Residential / Commercial Common American Single Cut (Kw1, Sc1, WR1, Y1)

$ 4.00 - American Double Sided key

$ 6.00 - Foreign Single Sided key

$ 8.00 - Foreign Double Sided key

$ 25.00 - Transponder key

$ 45.00 - Transponder Clone key

$ 9.00 - Flat Steel Single cut key

$ 12.00 - Flat Steel Double cut key

$ 12.00 - Tubular key

$ 10.00 - Bit key

$ 12.00 - Safe Deposit Box key

$ 35.00 - High Security key

$ 60.00 - High Security / Transponder key

$ 12.00 - Best, ARROW FALCON / Interchangeable Core key

$ 20.00 - Key from broken original

$ .20 - Stamping per number and letter

In Shop Key Origination by Code including 1 key.
Please Note: High Security requires Proof of ownership or authorization.

$ 60.00 - Automotive code key by Vin, if available, cut to a standard key.

$100.00 - Automotive Keys made manually by decoding lock or 1st Key method.

$100.00 and up - Call for Vehicle Transponder and laser keys by Year, Make and Model.

$ 17.50 - American / Foreign Single Sided key

$ 27.50 - American / Foreign Double Sided key

$ 45.00 - GM VATS key

$100.00 and up - High Security and/or Transponder key

$15.00 - Flat Steel Single cut key

$ 17.50 - Flat Steel Double cut key

$ 17.50 - Tubular key

$ 17.50 and up - Safe Deposit key

$ 17.50 - BEST ARROW FALCON / Interchangeable Core key

$ .20 - Stamping per letter

On Site Vehicle Key Origination & Transponder Programming, Includes 1 working Key that will start your car.
Please Note: Vehicle Keys require Proof of ownership and owner on site.

$100.00 - Program American / Asian transponders without PIN and/or call-response code

$115.00 - Program American / Asian transponders with PIN code or in-out code

$300.00 - Re-flash ECU to programing Early Model Type 1 Lexus & Toyota vehicles

$ 80.00 - Clone key

$ 60.00 - Program key pads / fobs / most other lock applications

Please Note:

We do not stock button remote keys / fobs, please
first call to order.
When You Call For Price
Please have your Vehicle Year, Make and Model information ready.
If you have lost your key(s), to furnish a replacement we require the VIN, Plate number, Current Registration and Valid Picture ID with owner present.

Call, email or come by our shop to inquire about automotive Ignition lock, door lock or trunk lock repair or replacement estimates.

Please Note:

Your Identification may be requested and recorded prior to any work.

For your protection we urge you to ask any Locksmith or Tech to see a Valid Locksmith License Issued by the CA Department Of Consumer Affairs, Valid Drivers License and Picture ID. Locksmith Sacramento

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